Minimalism put into practice

Putting minimalism into practice is a lot of work. When I decided to create this blog, I wanted it to be honest and I wanted to challenge myself to share several parts of the process, and not just the finished “product” (or after pictures).


In some of the upcoming posts, I thought I would share some of these processes and challenges of decluttering, with illustrating pictures. This is – to be honest – quite scary, because it means I will have to let the world see our clutter. Normally, we’d try to hide this, for instance when we get visitors, but I think this will be an experience I can learn from and which will motivate me to continue the process towards a more minimalist lifestyle, with less clutter in our lives.

Attached to this post is a picture of one of the times I have been going through a closet in my bedroom.

Stay tuned for picture updates 😱

Lots of love,


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