Clear flat surfaces

To many, it may be obvious that clear flat surfaces, look less cluttered. However, to me, it was a matter of getting these surfaces cleaned easier and making use of the space which was occupied by things that motivated me to uncluttered my kitchen counters, in addition to my changed mindset of wanting more available space. I don’t have a huge kitchen, so the counters that I have, are needed for food preparation.

I have done a bit of reorganising without taking before and after pictures of my kitchen (omg – why, right?). I used to have several things on the counters, such as the toaster, Sodastream, a jar of utensils and my coffee machine. Now I’ve put away most of these things to have clear surfaces. My kitchen already feels so much more spacious. In fact, my father visited me the other day and commented upon it.

So now we will get to the fun part. The pictures. This is scary, because this means showing pictures of our mess. However, I find it very satisfying watching other people’s “before” and “after” pictures, so I thought it would only be fair to give back to those who have already shared. Our kitchen is old and we dream about upgrading it, but that is a different story.

So first, you’ll see pictures of my clear counters.

These are most of my counters – but I got one more. And this is the one where all the things go. It’s just that corner where everything piles up. Magazines, papers, toys, coins and who knows what.

And this is what the neighbours see when passing by. In making this post I decided to do something about it, so I cleared away some of the things.

Now it looks like this (after picture;)):

It should be noted that my counters are not like this always. Especially around meal times, there’s more things on them (and after the rush of getting out in the mornings). However, having few things to begin with, helps me keep it cleaner and less messy.

What’s your tip to keep the kitchen clean and clutter free?

Lots of love,


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