I don’t manage to declutter large areas these days, but I did go through one organiser with pockets, looking like this.


I suppose these are made to help us organise things – but I apparently cannot use them correctly. I found all the items below in this one organiser, in addition to a bunch of clothes which I did not take any pictures of 😳


Clothes, toys (and bath toys), hair product and lice shampoo and a first aid kit. All of these items have designated places and have been put in their places.

I’m left with an empty organiser and I’m wondering whether or not I should put it back up.

Part of this process of decluttering, is changing where we keep things and how many things we have. The more we get rid of – the less storage we need, which is wonderful. However, it takes time to get rid of things, and to get the things we don’t want, out of our house.

I am aiming at creating a Plan of action for April, when it comes to decluttering. More on this in my next post.

Have you taken the time to declutter anything lately?

Lots of love,


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