April is here – let’s get into “decluttering mode”

We had a lovely time up in the mountains on our cabin and I forgot all about decluttering and everyday life, and it was marvellous. In addition, the weather gods were in a good mood ☀️

However, now it is time to get back in business and get started on my April action plan.

On my first Trash and transfer Tuesday I went to the recycling station with glass jars and metal boxes. I meant to transfer some clothes as well, but I am a bit behind on work, so had to prioritise that, which made me feel a bit unmotivated on the decluttering front.

However, I have given away the dresser which was on my list and I am planning on giving away the white shirts and black suit tomorrow (and I will perhaps see if I can find time to have a look at the kids clothes this evening). So though my first Trash and transfer Tuesday was not as spectacular as I had expected it to be (haha), I have gotten started on my plan and I will try to get into “decluttering mode” again. I always find it a bit hard to get back into it after being away and coming back, as there are always more of the usual chores to attend to when returning from holiday. However, I have complete one task and at least it is something.

  • Give away white shirts and black suit (planned to give to theatre group)
  • The kids’ clothes: purge / donate
  • Winter clothes – make a box to go to attic
  • Get rid of 3 items which I find hard to say goodbye to
  • Sell black coat and skirt (mine)
  • Purge toys downstairs
  • Get rid of dresser upstairs (give away)
  • Dissemble linen closet and get rid of it
  • Declutter / remove at least one box under the bed
  • Start organising hobby cupboard downstairs

I hope you have had a good holiday! Have you started a spring clean / decluttering plan?

Lots of love,


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