The start of a packing party?

I’ve snooped around on theminimalists’ blog and they have lots of inspiring articles on their blog.

One point which caught my attention was the packing party. They have made a concept where you pack down all your possessions as if you are going to move any day soon, and than you unpack the items you need in the following weeks. Joshua (one of the minimalists) did this and discovered he only used about 20% of his stuff. Though I do think this is a brilliant idea, we will make our own version of a packing party. To us, minimising is a slow process and we must take it step by step.


I have in the past, when decluttering toys, involved the kids (at least my 6 year old), and she has willingly found toys she says she doesn’t play with anymore. However, in the picture below, you will see toys which were stored in a box in a cupboard in our living room. EVERY day, my 3 year old would empty this box, all over the floor, but not really play with any of the toys in it. He mostly plays with cars and building blocks, so I decided to pack away these toys to see if they ask for any of the pieces within the box. My 6 year old, rarely plays with any of the toys in this box. I suspect they won’t ask for them – and will have forgotten about them fairly soon, and than I will donate some of it and store what we want to hold on to (the Duplo). Thus, this will be our tentative start of a packing party.  I’d love to pack more stuff away to see if we really use our stuff, or if it is just lying around, taking up space in our house.

I will try to update you on how it goes – the toys have been packed away for 24 hours now. This morning – I had no reaction from any of the kids 🙂

Have you heard of the packing party? What do you think of the idea? Would you like to try it?



PS: The sun is still shining here, so no bigger lists or projects for us for now 😉

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