Is just one word to describe how I feel at times when trying to minimise and declutter. Because I empty closets and take everything out – and I’m struck with a load of choices to make -trash, transfer or treasure? And a chain of thoughts. Store for next winter? Will it fit next year? Trash this expensive outfit? Maybe if I try it a few more times? All this makes me feel uneasy and overwhelmed.

When I feel overwhelmed when decluttering my closet – I organise in the following manner.

  • Trash
  • Things which are not clothes (toys, bags and other things that find their way into my closet somehow)
  • Clothes

In this way – I can get an overview of what’s in there and I can weed out the things which obviously don’t belong in my closet.

Here is a picture of the process – this is again stepping out of my comfort zone – but sharing is caring 😜

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when decluttering? What do you do to deal with it?


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