Simplified packing party

I’ve snooped around on theminimalists‘ blog and they have so many useful tips and interesting articles.

One point which really caught my attention on their blog was the packing party. This is where you pack away all your possessions (as if you are moving houses), only to find the items you need when you need them. So, first night, you want to find your bed and bed sheets, etc. In this way, it is possible to see which items you use and which items you only keep in your house unused. Though I think this must be an eye opener and a fantastic experience, we could not (or would not) pack away all our things.

Though I did a similar thing with some of the kids toys, which were stored in a box in the living room. The youngest (3 year old) would, every day (!!!) take this box, empty it (you know the sound of a load of toys hitting the floor) but proceed to play with his cars and blocks.

Because of this, I removed the box (in the picture below) and did not tell the kids about it. Normally, I would have included my 6 year old, but in this case I didn’t.

It has been a month since I removed these toys and none of them have reported anything missing. So we will donate these toys to someone else.

I think this was a great exercise and I will probably use this “technique” several times, if I am in doubt about tossing something out or keep it.

The kids seem to play better, when left with toys such as building blocks, as they use their imagination and can create things. My 6 year old often builds castles and my 3 year old likes to build roads and parking lots 😛

I haven’t been blogging a lot lately, too much sun and holiday going on. However, at the moment, we are trying to clear out more stuff from our house as we still have way too many things.

This week, I will take my eldest (6 year old) with me on the process when clearing out her room, and we will talk about her books and toys, and see if there’s anything we could donate / trash / sell.

I will try to make a post about her involvement in this.


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