10 reasons I ride my bike

I bought a new bicycle last year and I love it. So much that I want to share 10 reasons with you, why I think it’s so great. This bike has brought me so much joy, that I need to share how:)

  1. It is a green choice – Mother Earth says hello and thank me when I ride my bike.
  2. The exercise. I try to ride my bike to work at least 3 times a week. This gives me about 3 hours of exercise, spent commuting. This is brilliant, as I often find it difficult to find time to work out otherwise.
  3. I have time to think and reflect. On my way to work, I go through what I am going to do this this day, the students I will meet etc. I think about what we will have for dinner and plan out the days that come. On my way home, I sometimes don’t think at all, but I just unwind. Somehow, I don’t manage to reflect in the same manner when driving a car.
  4. Outdoor time. I get to spend more time outdoors, which I really love. I feel the wind in my face, the sun and the rain.
  5. Observations. When I ride my bike, opposed to when I drive, I have time to look at the landscape, the houses, the animals and the gardens I pass. I think I notice something new, every time I ride my bike. This puts a smile on my face šŸ™‚
  6. I use my senses: I can smell the ocean and the flowers during springtime. I have to look ahead – and behind me – and plan. I am sure this must be good for my eye sight šŸ˜›
  7. Sweat – this is obviously linked to exercising, but I think sweat deserves a point of its own. It is something very liberating about sweating. You feel kind of cleansed when you do, if you know what I mean? I usually go fairly slowly when I ride my bike, but if I am angry or if I have a lot of energy, I put everything into it and sweat it out. Haha.
  1. I feel less stressed. Having had exercised, time to think and reflect and outdoor time makes me feel less stressed. Though I may have days where I have loads of things to do, I feel better prepared if I got to work on my bicycle. I often think to myself, you just rode 10 km on your bike in 29 minutes – you got this!!
  1. I feel like super woman. Hahah. There are various reasons for this. First, if the weather is really bad, I feel strong and brave for riding my bike at all. It would be a lot easier to drive a car – and I feel the looks of the car drivers when riding my bike in bad weather. These looks say: WOW – she’s a super woman. Secondly, when I get to work, all sweaty and sometimes soaked, I take a shower and change clothes. Kind of like superman. Haha. And I’m prepared for the challenges I have to solve.
  2. The kids love it. When we take the car – there’s so much hassle. If we take the bike, they are always in a good mood, singing and enjoying the ride, which makes the mornings easier.

I’m not going to lie – some days taking my bike is hard. But once I’m done – I always feel a lot better!

Have you got a bike? Do you use it?


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