Work capsule

It has been a while since I last wrote – summer was busy and fun and before we knew it – we went back to work again and everyday life, filled with things to do.

Earlier this year I decided to make a work capsule wardrobe. Not because there’s a dress code where I work (I’m a teacher), but simply because I don’t want to spend time thinking about what to wear and as a step towards simplifying life and minimising “mental noise”.

I did this because I want to be able to find clothes for my work days which:

  • Are comfortable
  • Which I feel that I look ok in (representable – haha)
  • Which are easy to mix with each other

As a basis in my work capsule wardrobe I have:

  • Slacks – for more formal occasions (black and blue)
  • Jeans (black and blue)
  • Shirts (white, light blue, dark blue)
  • T-shirts (lots of white and a few black)
  • Cardigans (black, blue, grey, dark grey and pink)

Doing this, I spend less time on picking out what to wear and I don’t need to “worry about” this aspect of my life. In addition, I do sometimes “go wild” and put on a skirt or dress, but this is only when I feel an urge to wear something different. Hahaha. I must add that most of my shirts are “easy to iron” shirts, so I don’t bother ironing most of them;)

I have thought about setting up a capsule wardrobe for all my clothes, but I am not sure if I am ready to take that step yet 😛

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Or have you considered organising one?


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