Work capsule

It has been a while since I last wrote – summer was busy and fun and before we knew it – we went back to work again and everyday life, filled with things to do.

Earlier this year I decided to make a work capsule wardrobe. Not because there’s a dress code where I work (I’m a teacher), but simply because I don’t want to spend time thinking about what to wear and as a step towards simplifying life and minimising “mental noise”.

I did this because I want to be able to find clothes for my work days which:

  • Are comfortable
  • Which I feel that I look ok in (representable – haha)
  • Which are easy to mix with each other

As a basis in my work capsule wardrobe I have:

  • Slacks – for more formal occasions (black and blue)
  • Jeans (black and blue)
  • Shirts (white, light blue, dark blue)
  • T-shirts (lots of white and a few black)
  • Cardigans (black, blue, grey, dark grey and pink)

Doing this, I spend less time on picking out what to wear and I don’t need to “worry about” this aspect of my life. In addition, I do sometimes “go wild” and put on a skirt or dress, but this is only when I feel an urge to wear something different. Hahaha. I must add that most of my shirts are “easy to iron” shirts, so I don’t bother ironing most of them;)

I have thought about setting up a capsule wardrobe for all my clothes, but I am not sure if I am ready to take that step yet 😛

Do you have a capsule wardrobe? Or have you considered organising one?


Skype in the classroom

This will be a teacher related post, as I am always trying to find new and exiting ways for my lessons.

As a language teacher, I have many times thought that it would be wonderful if there had only been a place online, where teachers could find each other and get in touch, across country borders. Then I attended Bett 2018 and it turns out that such a place exists and it is called Skype in the classroom.


So I have embarked on a journey, in order to try out Skype in the classroom, in my Spanish lessons to begin with. Using Skype in the classroom will give my students an opportunity to speak in real life with students from other countries, with people who are native speakers of the language they are learning. When speaking IRL, my students will be forced to use the language they have learnt at school, in a different manner than they would in the classroom. In addition, they will also meet people of this culture, which I hope will give them more insight into why language learning is useful.

I signed up on their webpage, and started doing courses and learning about Skype in the classroom and they have got five ways of using Skype in the classroom.

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 20.47.12

Explained briefly, virtual field trips are when your class is taken on a “field trip” through Skype by an expert on a certain area, a biologist, a historian etc. Skype lessons are teachers or experts, who give lessons to your class through Skype. Skype collaboration is when teachers and their students collaborate with other teachers and students around the world, either one time or several times, using Skype. Mystery Skype allows a class to Skype with another class in the world, but not knowing where they are from. The classes ask each other yes/no questions to find out and the first one who finds out, has won. Guest speakers can be, for example authors, who speak about a book they have written.

All of the five ways of using Skype in the classroom sounded fascinating, but I decided to focus on Skype collaboration. I did some of the required courses and filled in a form to get my request on the Skype in the Classroom platform.

My Spanish students are positive towards doing Skype in the classroom with another class and I am currently awaiting a reply from some teachers to see if this will be possible (time schedules etc have to be sorted out and changed in some cases to make these meetings happen).

I will give a short presentation at a teacher meet up that we will set up later in March, but if anyone is interested, I could make a “how to” blog post on Skype in the Classroom.

I’m looking forward to trying this out and I can see myself using Skype in the classroom actively from next school year.

Have you tried Skype in the classroom? I’d love to hear your experiences with it and how your worked with it.

Lots of love,


Happy international women’s day

International women’s day snook up on me this year, but here is a ta huge congratulations to all the fantastic women out there!

pexels-photo-272976.jpegUnfortunately, I have not been able to focus in-depth on International Woman’s day in my lessons this week, but I have made a mental note to try to incorporate this in my plans for next year.

Increasing status of women is important and today is a good day to reflect more on women’s role in society.

Here are some interesting websites and articles on the International women’s day:

Lots of love,


The purpose of this blog

Hello everyone!

I will try to introduce you to the topics of this blog in this blog post, however, since it is a completely new blog, it is somewhat difficult to predict the posts which will come. Nevertheless, I wanted to create a blog in which I could share my ideas, the processes I am going through on my journey to live a more minimalistic and purposeful life.

I am married, mum of two children aged 3 and 6 and teacher at an upper secondary school in Norway. I love my job, so I may post a few teacher-related posts as well, as I find other teachers’ blog posts inspiring and helpful in my work. I will make some categories as I go along, as this is fairly new to me.

We love spending time outdoor and go hiking and skiing, so in order to spend more time outside, we need to spend less time inside, cleaning and doing housework. I noticed I was getting increasingly frustrated by all the clutter, the toys and stuff in our house, which I kept trying to organise. I kept thinking we didn’t have enough space, however, I see now that we have got plenty of space in our house, but we’ve had too many things, toys, etc. We have been in the process of decluttering a couple of months now, and I am thinking that I need to write a post about including the children in this process, as I found this really interesting.

Below, you can see a picture of my daughter as we are approaching our cabin up in the mountains. During winter season, we have to take the train, as the roads are not accessible. We ski from the train station to the cabin (about 900 metres) and when we get evenings like this, it is magical.


Please share your own experiences on living a simpler, more purposeful life, as I find it inspiring to hear other people’s stories.

Lots of love,