Trying out our lavvo

This will be my first post on outdoor activities, where I will share with you mye experience setting up a lavvo.

A while back, we bought a lavvo, initially intended to use to spend nights outdoor. However, I needed an activity to do with the kids one day, so I thought, why not set up the lavvo and have lunch in it?

(If you don’t know what a lavvo is, it is a type of tent used by the Sami people in Norway. It could probably be compared with the tipi of the Native Americans.)

I did some research on how to set it up (YouTube), packed my backpack and an hour and half after, we were on our way. We had to walk 1,5 km to get to the field where I wanted to set it up, which is a bit of a distance for my 3-year-old. But he managed it with enough pauses:)

These are the steps I followed to set up the lavvo.

  1. Give kids some snacks
  2. Unpack the lavvo
  3. Lay out the lavvo on the field
  4. Fasten the tent pegs in the ground (or snow and ice in my case) – looking like this (next bullet).
  5. Than comes the tricky part, putting in the tent pole. This is a pole made up of four parts and it comes easily apart. We failed the first time, but this was due to the tent pegs not being properly fasten in the snow.
  6. And voila!

We made lunch (rice pudding) and played around the lavvo, before it elegantly collapsed due to the snow and ice melting around the pegs. However, I saw this coming and had manage to take out all our things.

A few things I learnt from this trip:

  1. There is actually something called snow tent (lavvo) pegs – may have to try this next time.
  2. Bring coffee next time (we spent 5 hours outdoors)
  3. Bring a carrier in case the 3 year old refuses to walk – he is heavy to carry without.
  4. If setting up lavvo in milder weather (0 degrees Celsius), cover up pegs with snow or other things to keep them in place.

We will definitely use the lavvo again, as it enabled us to stay outside a long time, and it was fun having shelter. We want to try to sleep outside a night as well, and when we do, I will give you an update.

I cannot wait for spring to come, with less snow and ice and a warmer weather. I really want to take my bicycle out again soon. What outdoor activities do you like to do?

Lots of love,


The purpose of this blog

Hello everyone!

I will try to introduce you to the topics of this blog in this blog post, however, since it is a completely new blog, it is somewhat difficult to predict the posts which will come. Nevertheless, I wanted to create a blog in which I could share my ideas, the processes I am going through on my journey to live a more minimalistic and purposeful life.

I am married, mum of two children aged 3 and 6 and teacher at an upper secondary school in Norway. I love my job, so I may post a few teacher-related posts as well, as I find other teachers’ blog posts inspiring and helpful in my work. I will make some categories as I go along, as this is fairly new to me.

We love spending time outdoor and go hiking and skiing, so in order to spend more time outside, we need to spend less time inside, cleaning and doing housework. I noticed I was getting increasingly frustrated by all the clutter, the toys and stuff in our house, which I kept trying to organise. I kept thinking we didn’t have enough space, however, I see now that we have got plenty of space in our house, but we’ve had too many things, toys, etc. We have been in the process of decluttering a couple of months now, and I am thinking that I need to write a post about including the children in this process, as I found this really interesting.

Below, you can see a picture of my daughter as we are approaching our cabin up in the mountains. During winter season, we have to take the train, as the roads are not accessible. We ski from the train station to the cabin (about 900 metres) and when we get evenings like this, it is magical.


Please share your own experiences on living a simpler, more purposeful life, as I find it inspiring to hear other people’s stories.

Lots of love,